Madonna memory stick

Maria memory stick

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She looks like any other dashboard Madonna. But the Virgin Mary, as ever, is on the move. She now plugs into your computer and keeps a motherly eye on your files: emails, photos, movies… you name it.

Simply plug the Maria USB memory stick into your laptop, and her sacred heart flickers into life with little red flashing heartbeats. Around her halo (handy for extracting her from the USB port) are the words of that traditional prayer: ‘Oh Maria keep my data safe.’

No one has yet reported seeing their Maria memory stick actually weeping, but it can only be a matter of time. Buy yours today and quit data loss Purgatory for ever.

The 512Mb Maria will cost you 69 Euros. Update: sadly, this 2007 product is no longer available, unless you know differently.

Thanks to Doc Tor for discovering the Maria Memory Stick

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