Photo of Luciano Marabese and his holy water dispenser

Holy water dispenser

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Swine flu germs can’t live for even a microsecond in holy water, of course. As everyone knows, as soon as the deadly microbes enter water blessed by a priest, they are destroyed by the incredible holiness of the water.

But tragically, some ignorant souls believe that even holy water might assist the spread of the H1N1 virus, and have stopped dipping their fingers in the water stoop as they enter church and making the sign of the cross.

To combat this menace, Italian churches have started installing the new, electronic Holy Water Dispenser, which spurts water when believing hands are placed under it.

Luciano Marabese, the inspired inventor of the device (pictured above, left) is now taking orders from churches who want to “spray’n’pray”.

Order a Holy Water Dispenser for your church! Prices on request from Acquasantiera Elettronica.

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