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Holy Host Dispenser

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Imagine how much better holy communion would be if you received the wafer from one of these little gizmos! It’s such an improvement on receiving it by hand from another human being, isn’t it? The dispenser is offered by Purity Communion as a ‘touch-free solution’ to the problem of raging epidemics.

‘Germs and viruses have no reverence for holy communion,’ says the website – but what do they know? Any day now, scientists will discover that viruses get down on their knees along with everyone else when the bread and wine are distributed.

Banish warmth and fellowship from the communion rail with the Holy host dispenser! Just $55.72 (or $313.20 for the 24k gold plated version).

Update (2021): Given the Covid-19 epidemic, you might think that the Holy Host Dispenser’s time had come. But sadly, it looks like Purity Communion went out of business before the epidemic started.

Thanks be unto Cynthia Kepler for spotting this gadget for God.

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