Which forum is which?

The Styx

The Styx is the information clearinghouse for the whole Ship of Fools site. It’s here that you’ll find announcements about new features, and where you can report problems and ask questions. The forum covers technical stuff, media reports, suggestions for how to do things better, questions that aren’t covered in the FAQs, and a thread where you can practice using UBB code before trying it out on the other forums.


Heaven is for creative stuff, experimental threads, storytelling, amusing asides and other miscellaneous bits and pieces. Threads which have done well in Heaven have covered “so bad it’s good” TV programmes, the soundtrack to your life, fantasy stage names, stories that don’t use the letter “e” and collaborative novels. Hang around long enough, and you’ll get the general idea.


Purgatory is the Ship of Fools serious debate forum, where we talk over the big issues of contemporary culture, and delve into ethics, history, theology and various other -ologies, too. Pretty well all views are welcome in Purgatory, as long as you are prepared to debate and have your opinions challenged.


All online forums experience flame wars, when people get into personal arguments with each other – and Ship of Fools is no exception. Because personality conflicts upset the flow of debate, we created the Hell forum, which is where personal complaints and disagreements can be talked out. You’ll sometime see people being told to take their argument to Hell, because it’s become too hot for the other forums. Hell also has a life of its own, with threads dealing with darker humour and rants against the irritations of modern life. The rules are more relaxed in Hell… but even here there are still limits on how people can behave.

All Saints

All Saints focuses on the online and offline community of Ship of Fools. Online community includes prayer requests, personal announcements, greetings to other shipmates and gossip. The offline stuff is where Ship of Fools gets unplugged and shipmates meet each other for crew meets. All Saints can be used to arrange meetings and to report back on how they went, complete with compromising pictures.


Ecclesiantics started out life as our forum for discussing reports from the Mystery Worshipper project, which visits churches around the world and publishes reports that are rude, inspiring, funny and thoughtful. However, about five minutes after the forum opened, people started using it to talk about church life generally, in all its wonder and weirdness. The forum is now open for discussion of liturgy, worship, new forms of church and Mystery Worshipper reports.


Kerygmania is the Ship of Fools Bible discussion forum. It is not for talking about the overall meaning and significance of the Bible, but for looking at the actual text itself. Typical thread titles are: “2 Kings 20: the shadow moved backwards”, “Paul and women”, or even simply “Ephesians 1 v 13”. If you want to talk about what Jesus meant when he told the parable of the talents, this is the place to post.

The Circus

The Circus is our forum for games, word-plays, obscure facts, limericks, haikus, cricket (plus other sports).

Dead Horses

This is where we corral discussion threads about subjects that have been debated endlessly on the Ship of Fools forums before and where there will be no agreement about the right answer this side of death. We do this to allow the creative and original topics to have the run of the other forums.

The 8th Day

Our experimental forum for test runs of Shipmates’ weird and wonderful creations. Who knows – this month’s test could become next year’s a brand new forum. Shipmates who wish to submit a topic for a trial run here should polish that idea, recruit a few Shipmates as co-hosts, and then pitch it in The Styx.


This is our archive of fun, interesting or thought-provoking threads. It is a read-only forum, with threads listed in alphabetical order by forum.


Old threads come here when they’re dead and gone. They range from mildly interesting to terminally dull. Feel free to browse, but don’t say we didn’t warn you. Oblivion does get tidied up occasionally, so if you want to keep your favourite thread forever, save it locally.

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