The FAQs

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Click the headings below for frequently-asked questions and answers about how the Ship of Fools forums work. If you would like to suggest any other questions for these pages, please write and let us know.

Forum introduction

> Is there a set of rules for the forums?
> Who are the Ship’s crew?
> How do I get started?
> Which forum should I post my thread on?
> What is the Hell forum?
> How do I take an argument to Hell?
> How long do threads stay on the forums?
> Is anyone ever banned?
> Are there limits to what can be discussed?
> Can I share information about my personal circumstances?
> I need counselling, medical advice or similar services. Can I access that here?
> Is it OK to post suicidal ideations?
> What is the Ship’s policy about Safeguarding?
> Information privacy

Registration and login

> Do I have to register?
> Once I register, can I change my ID?
> What do I do if I lose my login ID or password?
> My password is hard to remember… what should I do?
> How are cookies used?

Your forum identity

> How do I access my profile?
> What are avatars?
> How do I set up my avatar?
> Why can’t we have user profiles, recent visitor lists, post counts and signatures, like we did on the old boards?

Posting messages

> How do I post?
> How can I use emojis?
> Can I edit my own posts?
> Can I ask one of the hosts to delete my post?
> Can I attach files to my posts?
> How about images?
> What about links to other material?
> Can I be notified if someone responds to my thread?

Ancient history

> What’s the history of Ship of Fools?
> What is Ship of Fools about?
> Where does the name “Ship of Fools” come from?
> When did the ship’s forums first open?
> Do threads and posts still exist from the earliest forums?
> Who created the cartoons on the forum homepage?

Which forum is which?

> The Styx
> Heaven
> Purgatory
> Hell
> All Saints
> Ecclesiantics
> Kerygmania
> The Circus
> The 8th Day
> Dead Horses
> Limbo
> Oblivion

Private and disused forums

> Are there any private forums?
> What are the private forums run by shipmates?
> Can I have my own private forum?
> What are the ship’s administrative forums?
> Are there any disused forums on the ship?

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