Private and disused forums

Are there any private forums?

Yes, and there are two types. Firstly, there are private forums which are run by individual shipmates on specialised subjects. And there are also the ship’s own administrative forums, which are not open for public viewing.

What are the private forums run by shipmates?

Here’s a complete list of the private forums. You can apply to the owner of each forum if you would like to join.

Can I have my own private forum?

Yes. You can set up and run your own private forum on Ship of Fools for a small yearly fee. Message Simon to find out how.

What are the ship’s administrative forums?

Ship of Fools runs a number of private forums with restricted access. Some of these are temporary forums which are used to develop specific projects for the magazine aspect of the ship. The other permanent forums are…

Hosts – the clearing house and forum for hosts.

Admins – the clearing house and forum for admins.

Archive X – for storing threads Ship of Fools wants to keep but not display.

The 8th Day Hosts – for the hosts to discuss the running of their project.

Are there any disused forums on the Ship?

Yes. Here are the most interesting of the disused forums. All of them are open for reading, but none can be posted on.

Nativity Play – shipmates put on tinsel and dressing gowns for our own Nativity Play, staged over 14 days in 2002.

The Laugh Judgment – a fascinating discussion of individual religious jokes, funny and sick, which was part of our Laugh Judgment project in 2005.

The Da Vinci Code – discussion about Dan Brown’s book, timed for the release of the movie in 2006.

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