Private forums

Alongside our public forums, we also host private forums which are run by individual shipmates. They can only be seen and posted to when you become a member of each particular forum. Joining them is at the discretion of the hosts, so talk nicely to them. Only shipmates (members of the public boards with 50+ posts) can apply to join. The private forums are:

Waving, Not Drowning

Here’s a safe space for shipmates with any kind of mental health difficulty, from depression to personality disorder, and all stations in between. It’s a place for mutual support, not unwanted advice; a place where if you feel you are drowning, you can wave and others will swim alongside. It could be a lifesaver. Comments one board member: ‘This board is something very special and important. For many of us, what we experience and feel makes us seem like nutcases to most of the people we meet. And yet here there is likely to be someone else who has experienced something akin, or at least can empathise.’ Please note that the requirement for joining is 100 posts on the public forums. If you’d like to join, message Esmeralda.

Via Media

This forum is dedicated to the proposition that discussion of specifically Anglican issues – by Anglicans, for Anglicans, and ranging from theology to tat, from surplices to sexuality, from bishops to bell ringing – does not necessarily have to be inflicted on the rest of the Ship. Anglicans are an intensely diverse group of Christians, but we have basic principles in common. This is a place where we can explore them together. Sympathetic fellow-travelers are, of course, welcome to join us. If you’d like to join, message Margaret or Rossweisse.

Want to set up and run your own private board? Message Simon to find out how.

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