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What can I post?

This is a global forum and readers may not be aware of aspects of the situation or local terms that seem obvious to you; if you wish to discuss a topic relating to a specific country, denomination or within some other specific context it would be helpful to say so. Non-English terms should be translated.

How can I use emojis?

If you want to add an emoji to your post, start by keying in a colon (:). You’ll immediately see a drop-down list of emojis you can select. The emojis are arranged alphabetically, so if you key in :a you’ll see all the A emojis, such as Angry, Astonished, and so on. Try different letters of the alphabet to find the emoji you’re looking for. There’s a list of available emojis on the Vanilla Emoji page.

Can I edit my own posts?

Posts can be edited for up to 300 seconds after posting. Spam control will not hamper posting unless you exceed 5 posts within 60 seconds. For now. This may be subject to alteration.

Can I ask one of the board hosts to delete my post?

Not usually. Hosts do not delete individual posts, except where they are duplicates of another post. To remove an individual post which has become the subject of the rest of the discussion can render a thread nonsensical.

Can I attach files to my posts?

No you can’t. You may cut and paste text into your post, however, or use code to provide hyperlinks to outside documents.

How about images?

No, we’re mean like that.

What about links to other material?

Linking to other material to support your argument is fine, providing it does not breach our terms of service. Don’t just link dump, explain why you think the material is relevant. Please stay two clicks away from material that is Not Work Safe.

Can I be notified if someone responds to my thread?

If you start a thread, you can check Discussions in your Profile for new comments.

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