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What is this?
Since ancient times (ok, 1998), Ship of Fools has been sending Mystery Worshippers to churches worldwide. Travelling incognito, they ask those questions which go to the heart of church life: How long was the sermon? How hard the pew? How cold was the coffee? How warm the welcome?

The only clue they have been there at all is the Mystery Worshipper calling card, dropped discreetly into the collection plate.
If you would like to become a Mystery Worshipper, start here.
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Recent reports

> Surreal, extraordinary: Fusion Theater, Lowell, USA
> Refreshed, welcomed: Friargate Quaker Meeting, York, UK
> Vibrant, delightful: Holy Family, Syracuse, USA
> Bodyguard for priest at St Patrick's Cathedral, NYC
> Time stood still at St Andrew, Didling, UK

> I'll never go back: Westminster Baptist, London
> Organ speaks at St Malachy’s, New York City
> Episcopal Squat done at King of Kings, Goodyear, USA
> He's leaving: St Anthony of Padua Oratory, W Orange, USA
> Rector promotes self at St Barnabas, Irvington, USA

> Cherubs cavort at Old St Joseph's, Philadelphia, USA
> From a bygone age: St Mary the Virgin, Upwaltham, UK
> Red trousers, white wine: ICS, Interlaken, Switzerland
> HM The Queen turns 90: Worcester Cathedral, UK
> Liberties taken at St Henry, Buckeye, USA

> Enchanted at L'Église Française du Saint-Esprit, NY City
> Christ-like caring at St Malachy’s, Hillsborough, N Ireland
> Rainbows and heavenly music at Gloucester Cathedral, UK
> Refreshingly cool: St John Vianney, Goodyear, USA
> Sheep graze, mice nibble: St Mary the Virgin, Shipley, UK

Editor's choice

> Bodyguard for priest at St Patrick's Cathedral, NYC
> Organ speaks at St Malachy’s, New York City
> HM The Queen turns 90: Worcester Cathedral, UK
> Mountains and palms at Furnace Creek, Death Valley, USA
> Lay ministers honoured: All Souls, Langham Place, London

Comments, corrections and removals

For the latest comments on and corrections to Mystery Worshipper reports, please go here. Reports over two years old can be removed at the request of the church reviewed. Please email here for further details.
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The Rapture
On 1 April 2016 it finally happened, and our Mystery Worshipper was among the Chosen Few. Read all about how songwriter Irving Berlin figured into it as you weep and gnash your teeth.
The best of Torold
The Mystery Worshipper known as Torold, among other names, passed on to glory in November 2015. Her sharp eye and quick wit brought much pleasure to our readers and will be missed. See a representative sampling of the best of her reports.
Easter 2016
Easter 2016
This Holy Week, our Mystery Worshippers went on a moon walk with Jesus, enjoyed the antics of the church cat, breathed in lavender scented incense, and finished off with a "cheerfully sweet" Easter! Read all about how they got through it.
camino pilgrimage
The Mystery Pilgrim
One of our most seasoned reporters makes the Camino pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Read here.

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