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Welcome to the Ship of Fools Caption Competition, which runs on an... ahem... irregular schedule. Read and post in our current competition, and see the winners of our past ones.

Budgies and travellers on the road to San José are especially welcome.
Rollercoaster religion
I must say your Gladys Anstruthers (Mrs) must be quite the robust stalwart to take on the herculean task of hand squeezing such tough and fibrous herbaceous verdure. She must be of a cast iron constitution, which may go far in explaining the prodigious profusion of aspidistra. Thank you kindly for the ecclesiastical genealogy as it certainly clears up the mysterious succession and subsequent disappearance and reappearance of the enigmatic Krishnamurti. As to your politely veiled inquiry into the manner in which a Sea Toad and an Aspitrigla cuculus managed to “hook up” as it were, I so appreciate your delicacy in phrasing such a query. It speaks volumes concerning your sense of polite diplomacy and innate kindness. It seems there is a certain aquatic periodical making the rounds amongst discriminating adult marine populations containing discrete advertisements for natatory assignations. It contains such surreptitious abbreviations as S.W.F.W. (Single White Female Whale) seeking fun, travel, adventure and possible long term relationship with like-minded S.W.M.W. (Single White Male Whale). Such a sordid business that. At any rate I would so covet your thoughts and prayers as to the matter of my pre-loved teeth. It seems they are not constructed of the sturdy and durable materials originally advertised. As it turns out they are actually fashioned from the heart wood of the Ying Ke Pine. I personally have nothing against the Ying Ke Pine or the Huangshan aborists who so lovingly tend and harvest them. Just not entirely sure I want them for my gnashers. On a positive note I was treated to some complimentary Unagi Rolls. Please send along my regards to Fr Boustrophedon.
Submitted by: J. the Baptist aka Jordan Dunker
Mon Jun 13 (16:02 GMT)

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Rollercoaster religion
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