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Welcome to the Ship of Fools Caption Competition, which runs on an... ahem... irregular schedule. Read and post in our current competition, and see the winners of our past ones.

Budgies and travellers on the road to San José are especially welcome.
Rollercoaster religion
Yes and even sadder yet for my latest marine missive has carried sad tidings of great grief, for it seems my errant little Sea Toad has become infatuated with an Aspitrigla cuculus with the unlikely sobriquet “Red”. Oh but strident strains of serendipitous song!! As it so happens the dear Lithuanian proprietors of Dime-O-Dozen Wholesale Dentition & Fresh Sushi Emporium (They have since expanded their inventory to include a full line of toe care products called All Things Phalanges) are quite familiar with Messrs. Staines, Grine and Nastleigh. In particular, Messr. Nastleigh as he was in their esteemed establishment just Thursday last to pick up a freshly buffed set of incisors and to enjoy a Spicy Tuna Roll or two. They have most graciously offered to arrange an introduction. This Fred Gilbert fellow, would he perchance be the same Fred Gilbert who was purportedly consecrated by the second cousin twice removed of the lapsed French Catholic cleric Joseph René Vilatte? Yes, the Quiet Rooms, quite the misleading misnomers for those abominable abodes of cacophonous caterwauling, inhabited by hordes of riff raff and other persons of low repute and questionable morals. It was in just such a room I was once nearly brought to common brawling and fisticuffs with a half-witted low level clerk of the Exchequer.
Submitted by: J. the Baptist aka Jordan Dunker
Sun Jun 12 (13:53 GMT)

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Rollercoaster religion
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