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Welcome to the Ship of Fools Caption Competition, which runs on an... ahem... irregular schedule. Read and post in our current competition, and see the winners of our past ones.

Budgies and travellers on the road to San José are especially welcome.
Rollercoaster religion
Concerning the ongoing debate as to the effectiveness of neoprene as adequate footwear for budgies, it has yet to be demonstrably proven to cause Tiny Toe Tinea (as it is popularly referred to within the aviary medical community)among the general budgie population. A good number of researchers and experts in the field feel the Tiny Toe Tinea in budgies is caused by their constant mucking about in the moors. As to the hand-knitted sandwiches please send the prune and turmeric paste variety by all means. Anything with tofu and a rutabaga Béarnaise on the near horizon? One final query if you please, as to the knitting, would that be of the courses and wales or weft and warp variety? Nothing like a prune and turmeric paste on a toasted weft and warp knit I always say. Just my humble opinion mind you.
Submitted by: J. the Baptist aka Jordan Dunker for the esteemed U. Bharat
Mon Sep 8 (21:39 GMT)

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Rollercoaster religion
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