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Asteroid of Doom rides again

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Asteroids move in mysterious ways and come in all kinds of shapes. They hurtle round looking like cigars, or squashed ping-pong balls, or cheese snack Wotsits. So why, of all the asteriods in all the solar system, did the space rock that zoomed past Earth on Halloween 2015 look just like a skull?

It might seem like a creepy coincidence, but let the folks who run the website, and who write incessantly, day and night, about the End Times, biblical prophecy and the King James Bible, put you right. The Halloween asteriod was, they say, ‘a very ominous sign that the Fourth Horseman of The Apocalypse, Death, could ride soon.’

Despite that confident proclamation, the Fourth Horseman, who’s been on standby for the past 2,000 years, didn’t saddle up in 2015. Instead, he’s been on the longest cigarette break in history.

But now, the Asteroid of Doom (or TB145, as it’s more boringly known to NASA), is paying us a return visit this November. Last time it passed within 300,000 miles of us, but this time, it’ll be 24 million miles out, which is too far for anyone to see its spooky features. It’s also too far to excite the interest of the End Times enthusiasts, who are now simply ignoring it.

It’s all a case of apocalypse postponed.

Simon Jenkins

Simon Jenkins

Simon Jenkins is the editor of Ship of Fools, and the author of comedy-meets-religion book, Jumble Sales of the Apocalypse.

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