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#TrumpTheology on prayer

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The #TrumpTheology tweets, as revealed to Alexandra Coe

I’ll never get this whole thing about Prayer. So many people have prayed, many more than anybody knows, and they don’t get what they want!! Vlad knows all I have to do is Ask! Even I don’t get everything I want. That may Surprise some people. Mexico never paid for the Wall, Steve Bannon did, and look what happened to him!!!

What’s the point in praying anyway? If God supposedly ‘knows everything’ then he should just do the Right Thing and give me what I want without my having to ask for it!! I’m not going to Beg him like a Dog!!! I’ve never begged for anything in my Life except sex. All those Governors complained that I didn’t give them what they wanted because they didn’t ask me nicely. They’re the ones who should have Begged. I’m just like God! No Deal!!!

The Bible says I should Pray in my closet. I have a very, very very big closet, beautiful closet, it’s in the Executive Suite, fantastic closet, but there’s no chair in there. Most people’s closets aren’t very Big, Very Small in fact. How are they supposed to pray in there??? Risk of Suffocation!!

Plus Jesus said not to Pray on Street Corners (Very Dangerous especially in Democrat run Cities!). What’s the point in praying if nobody sees you? Isn’t that the whole point of going to Church?? So I don’t bother anyway, and the Evangelicals don’t even care.

I did the Most Christian thing when I held up that Bible after breaking into that churchyard, and nobody appreciated it. Fake Christian Nancy Pelosi is the worst. She said she Prays for me. Don’t Believe it!! She’s really a Communist, Sean Hannity told me! Just another Dem Hoax!! Big Waste of Time!!!!

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