Communion wine on tap

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With hordes of unfamiliar faces in church each Christmas and Easter, and the deacons working in shifts to top up those fiddly little communion glasses, surely now is a great time for churches to invest in a Quick-R-Filler communion wine dispenser.

This baby can prepare as many as 40 cups in 60 seconds without making the church kitchen look like a bloodbath – or so boasts the Salem, Ohio, company which makes it.

‘We used to use a measuring cup and at times even a turkey baster to fill the individual cups for a church of around 200,’ testifies one desperate customer. But then he saw the light: ‘We purchased a Quick-R-Filler cup-filling product, so gravity is used to fill cups continuously.’ Praise be!

Quick-R-Filler, for the deacon in your life. Only $49.95!

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