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Gay biscuits ‘rewrite the creation story’

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Fortnum & Mason, the posh Piccadilly food shop, not normally noted for its devotion to the saints, is marking the feast of St Valentine this year with an upscale gingerbread biscuit tin showing a scene from the Garden of Eden.

Emerging from the shrubbery of paradise, though, is not Adam and Eve, but Adam and Steve, complete with fig leaves and apple. The Adam and Steve Circular Biscuit Box (only £15) is a joke on conservative Christians of the 1970s, who were the first to use the ‘Adam and Steve’ line, in a slogan intended to put a lid on the gay debate: ‘God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve’.

Christian Concern, the right-wing lobbyists, who would never countenance leaving two Hob Nobs alone together in the office biscuit tin, couldn’t refrain from comment.

‘They’re clearly trying to rewrite the creation story,’ they told anxious listeners to Premier Christian Radio. ‘They’ve got the serpent in there, they’ve got the piece of fruit in there, and they seem to be celebrating the introduction of sin into the world in a way that glorifies one particular sin, which is homosexual practice.’

Fortnum is also offering a lesbian biscuit tin, featuring ‘Eve and Niamh’. That’s ‘Madam and Eve’, surely?

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