Photo of Jesus the hot air balloon

Jesus the hot air balloon

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Want to soar skyward with Jesus? Would prefer to do that now rather than wait for the Rapture? Step aboard Jesus the hot air balloon for a ride with Merritt Ministry in Tracy, California.

Jesus is 110 feet tall and has hands 20 feet long. He weighs over 750lbs and is filled with 258,000 cubic feet of air. He took 13 weeks to sew together. And yet the greatest challenge of creating him, according to the Merritt Ministry website, was theological: ‘How do you create a hot air balloon that is both authentic and reverent in its mission of creating Jesus, the Son of God?’ Hang on, that’s one of those self-annihilating questions, isn’t it?

Thanks be unto Renee Beihl from Colorado for alerting us to this divine dirigible.

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