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the 12 days of kitschmas
From righteous loofahs to a cardboard Pope...
Welcome to our annual list of 12 "What Would Jesus Buy?" gifts, as sourced by shipmates around the world.
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13th day... Billy Graham bobbing head doll
billy graham bobblehead doll
For our bonus, 13th Day of Kitschmas item, we've chosen this splendid plastic nodding version of the esteemed Rev. Billy Graham. "I want you to get up out of your seats" – that was his catchphrase at the Billy Graham crusades in the 50s and 60s. Sadly, Billy is now 93 and can't lead crusades any more, but his son, the right-wing nutjob Franklin Graham, leads crusades of his own against Islam and President Obama. Given a choice for an intelligent successor to Billy, the Billy Graham bobbing head doll will do just fine.

Only $14.95 – make your personal decision to buy here!

The 12 Days of Kitschmas
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