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the 12 days of kitschmas
From righteous loofahs to a cardboard Pope...
Welcome to our annual list of 12 "What Would Jesus Buy?" gifts, as sourced by shipmates around the world.
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5th day... Cross Christmas tree
cross christmas tree
The sales blurb cuts straight to the chase. The Christmas Cross is "a beautiful reminder of what Christmas is about." Of course! We've got it all wrong, all this time! Let's skip the birth, fast forward 33 years and go straight to Good Friday! Let's get into the true spirit of the season, brighten up that mid-winter gloom – and the worst international economic crisis since the 1930s – by reminding ourselves of... death! "Standing 7.5-feet tall this lush cross-shaped tree is sure to capture everyone’s attention." It's certainly captured ours.

Only $309.99 – buy here!

The 12 Days of Kitschmas
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