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Heavenly visions
Is it the Fruitcake Zone? Or is it YouTube?
No, it's a joyous coming together of the two. With the help of our shipmates, we present faith's finest minutes in YouTube video clips.
FruitTube. Where faith gets gloriously embarrassing.
Click below and prepare for blessing.
joe nelms   Boogity boogity boogity, amen
Pastor Joe Nelms thanks the Lord for his "smokin' hot wife" and the "mighty machines" of NASCAR in the craziest prayer since Benny Hinn's last healing crusade.
debaptism ceremony   Hair dryer of heresy
Thinking of getting debaptized? Submit to the hair dryer of heresy and experience the hot air of secularism for yourself. Courtesy of American Atheists.
facebook status update at wedding   Tweethearts tie the knot
"Dearly beloved, we are here to witness the relationship status update of Dayne and Tracey..." Nutty nuptials? It has to be our latest FruitTube offering.
after rapture pet care   Barking but blessed
What will happen to Rover at the Rapture? Leave him in the safe hands of a Godless animal lover, of course. It's all possible thanks to After Rapture Pet Care.
saint goes stage diving   Saint goes stage diving
A processing statue crashes to the floor in a Maltese church – to the congregation's horror. More entertaining, though, is what happens next to a freshly-decapitated St George.
the appointment   The building blocks of faith
With a dialogue straight out of an evangelist's fantasy, and a pay-off to make Billy Graham weep with envy, we present a FruitTube moment rendered in Lego.
prayer cross   Darling, will you... pray with me?
Her look of surprise, followed by thinly-disguised pleasure, says it all. She thought she was about to receive an engagement ring. It's something much better... an "almost miraculous" Prayer Cross.
i used to be a little cornflake video   I used to be a little cornflake
Enjoy this far-reaching, three-minute testimony – then book our latest FruitTube entrant for your morning service.
holy hysteria video   Holy hysteria!
Pandemonium breaks out in a Catholic household when Michael announces that he has gone the way of St Richard of Dawkins.
crowe video   Maximus embarrassment
Young, foolish and clearly needing the money, gorgeous, sleeveless Russell Crowe chances upon a hot, sweaty man of God in very short shorts.
banana videos   The atheist's nightmare
Introducing the atheist's nightmare: the humble banana. Yes, argues Kirk Cameron, the banana and hand are perfectly made, one for the other.
john daker   My name is John Daker...
John Daker's determined singing on local TV has blessed and inspired millions around the world. Now you too can be blessed.
blake bergstrom   How to pitch a tent
Describing what happened to an obscure Old Testament character, youth pastor Blake Bergstrom falls into the mother of all sermon gaffes.
seen a video
Seen a video?
Help us find the craziest, most toe-curling, most weepingly awful religious moments ever captured on video. Click here to share.
paul burbridge video
See our own moment of YouTube glory: advice for boys on sex education by "Uncle Roger", presented by Ship of Fools.
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