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the floating fund
the floating fund
For 10 years, Ship of Fools has stayed afloat largely thanks to the generous giving of the members of our bulletin boards and visitors to the site. These pages invite you to help keep the Ship afloat.
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To make a donation to help keep Ship of Fools afloat, please choose below to donate either by credit card or PayPal. Thanks for supporting the Ship.

Credit Card

  Donate by credit card  
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      Please go to our secure payment page by clicking the button below. Thanks.  


  Donate via PayPal  
  Please click the donate button and add the amount you wish to give on the PayPal page.

Alternatively, if you would like to give via email from within your PayPal account, here's our email address to enter under your "Send Money" tab: paypal@shipoffools.com.



Our accounts
To download a summary of our accounts for the past three years, please click here.
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