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Richard Dawkins and Francesca Stavrakopoulou
It's been a wonderful few weeks for St Paul's. By lovingly slamming its doors in the faces of young people who sought refuge beneath its historic walls, and then sensitively asking its lawyers to find out how to evict them, the cathedral has given us all an inspiring example of Christian love and hospitality.

And that's why we're asking readers to send us their stories and pictures of other places of worship which follow in the footsteps of St Paul's by extending an especially warm welcome to visitors. Know a cathedral where the first thing people see is turnstiles and a bloated price list? Or a church with fridge-sized bouncers on the door?

Let us know by emailing us your pics and stories! Starting with...
st patrick's cathedral new york city
Daniel Berry has sent us the above pic of St Patrick's Cathedral, New York City, baricaded for the Gay Pride March of 2008. Says Daniel: As can be seen, the powers at work in St Patrick's make sure not only that no gay people (or their supporters or anyone else) can enter the cathedral during the March, but that the sidewalk is blockaded so that spectators are unable to stand in front of the building. Members of every other church along the route of the March are in front of their churches offering trays of cold water to participants as we make our way downtown, which is particularly nice since the march is in late June and usually a pretty hot day! By the way, the beautiful young lady seen on the edge of the photo is my (straight) best friend's daughter. She has been in every Pride March since she was in vitro!
st simon and st jude castlethorpe
1,000 blessings be upon David Hawkins who sent us this heart-warming picture of the entrance into St Simon and St Jude in Castlethorpe, near Milton Keynes, England. Not quite up to the gold standard of St Paul's Cathedral, but not bad! Visitors aren't the slightest bit put off as they turn into the church driveway.
zion tabernacle chester
And here's a lovely warm welcome from Zion Tabernacle in Chester, England, sent to us a while ago (and maybe prophetically) by Rory Keegan. This "Protestant Evangelical" congregation are usually out on the streets with placards bearing the inviting news that "righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people", and these lovely railings, with zealously sharpened spikes, are entirely in keeping with that, so 10 out of 10 for consistentcy.

Email us your photos and stories!
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