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board guidelines

Welcome to Purgatory – our serious debate and discussion space. Below are the "rules of engagement" for debating with other posters here. Follow these simple guidelines and you'll get the most out of your time in Purgatory.

1. No personal attacks

We all have different opinions about weighty matters, some strongly held. Disagree with the view, not the person. The statement, "View X is stupid," is acceptable. The statement, "Person X is stupid," is not.

2. Expect to be disagreed with!

This is how good debate is conducted. Questioning of your opinions should be taken as a compliment about their weight.

3. Stick to the point!

Please do not wander off into unrelated issues or social banter. There are other boards on the ship for these pursuits.

4. Personal stuff

If you find it necessary to share things of a personal nature then remember you have a large audience looking in. Personal statements should be respected by other posters. Please be aware of the cost involved for the person making them. See this section of the FAQs for more on this.

5. Be courteous in your debating style

Apologise when you err; apologies are always well-received here. Take personal offense or disagreements to the Hell board, where they won't bother other posters.

6. No preaching!

Purgatory is not the place to impose your particular view on others or consign them to Hell (the real Hell, that is). Preachy postings will be deleted by the board hosts!

7. Your hosts

The Purgatory hosts are listed at the top of the board itself. They edit and supervise the running of Purgatory and any complaints or suggestions should intially be directed to them.
ten commandments
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When did you last read the 10 commandments? They're here.
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