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board guidelines

The guidelines for contributing to Kerygmania, the Ship of Fools Bible discussion board, are below.

1. Bible study only

This board is intended for the study of the text of the Bible. It is not the place for general theological debate. Please take that to Purgatory.

2. Suitable threads

If you want to start a thread on any particular Bible passage, just go ahead. Please get us going with your own exploration of the passage.

3. Quote the text

If you're starting a new thread, please don't quote only the Bible reference (e.g. "John 3:16. Discuss."). If you're discussing just a few verses, please include the full text in your post, and say which Bible version you're using. For longer passages, please either post a link to an online version (we recommend bible.gospelcom.net), or paraphrase the passage yourself.

4. Stay on subject

General threads may wander across related Bible passages and themes, but please ensure they relate to the opening post, and not in an obtuse or random sort of way.

5. Respect others

The purpose of this board is for everyone to explore and learn together. This means that discussions and debates should be conducted without condemnation and dismissal. Take any personal arguments to Hell.

6. Inerrancy, infallibility, etc.

This is emphatically not the place for arguing about the authority and reliability of the Bible. However, reasoned discussions of the authorship and dating of particular passages are acceptable.

7. Greek and Hebrew

Feel free to use the original languages in which the Bible was written if you think it will help your argument. But please be aware that it may not! If you do use Greek or Hebrew (or even Aramaic), have pity on those of us who don't read these languages and provide a translation for us.

8. Intellectual level

Threads are open to any level of intellectual debate and discussion. If you want to start a thread that doesn't tax your brains so much, please signal it in the opening post. Other contributors to the thread should respect this and not use Greek, Hebrew, German and contorted English on the thread.
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