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The FAQs
Board guidelines
10 Commandments
Who's what?
who's what
A team of trusted individuals – the great, the good and (believe me) the ugly – work together to keep this place tidy upfront and well oiled behind the scenes. They've all been around a while, know the ropes and are committed to this place as a unrestful Christian community. All give their time and enthusiasm voluntarily.


Each board has dedicated hosts. They do the day-to-day work of clearing up mouldy threads, fixing blown code, moving misplaced threads and checking we're not about to be sued for libel. But, more importantly, they're there to take part in the flow of discussion and shape the unique character of each board. If a poster breaches the 10 Commandments they'll flag up a warning and/or request an apology. They can edit and delete posts on their own board. If there is a problem on a thread, hosts for that board are your first post of call. For the current hosts, check the list at the top of each board.


The admins – have overall responsibility for the day-to-day running of the boards. Their work includes supporting the hosts, keeping an eye on how the boards are working and dealing with member issues. The admins have the unenviable responsibility of being the bottom line for shipmates who break the 10 Commandments severely or repeatedly. They have the authority to suspend or ban unruly posters. The current admins are Alan Cresswell (UK), Kelly Alves (US), Marvin the Martian (UK), RooK (US), Spike (UK) and Tubbs (UK).

Tech admin – looks after the server on a daily basis. The tech admin is pease (UK).


The editor of Ship of Fools (which includes the magazine site as well as the boards) is Simon (UK). Ancient Mariner (UK) is co-editor of the Ship and is in charge of media relations. SteveTom (UK) is a contributing editor to the Ship.
ten commandments
Keep taking the tablets
When did you last read the 10 commandments? They're here.
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See the board guidelines
Each board has its own set of guidelines for posting. See them here.
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