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#TrumpTheology on I WON!!!

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The #TrumpTheology tweets, as revealed to Alexandra Coe

The Radical Left, China and the Deep State are saying I lost the election!!! RIGGED!!

I’m feeling more and more like Jesus these days. Everybody blames me for the China Virus and I did an amazing job. 242,000 Americans is nothing compared to the number of people Abraham Lincoln killed in the Civil War!!!

Your President has been Betrayed. I totally get when Jesus said, in a little while you will see me no more. That’s right!!! MSNBC and CNN were bought off by the Justice Dems and Nancy Pelosi. They don’t even know that I’m still building the wall and having rallies with no masks every day.

Less Testing for COVID means less cases! We have to just live with it!!! Let it all wash over you! LIBERATE MICHIGAN!!!

Jesus ALSO said, in a little while you will see me. Hannity and I are talking about doing a new show on Fox called “Witch Hunt”. First guest will be my good friend Ghislaine who will say that I didn’t know Jeffrey. We need to get her on first thing before she gets killed. Boris said he’d be a guest too, love the hair!!!

Besides my fans still love me. Racists need their own TV channel just like everyone else. Very Fine People!!! Don’t worry I’m still your President although Fake News says I’m not!! I’ll resurrect just like I did after faking COVID!!!


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